Every child deserves to live in a safe and loving family

We reunite at-risk children with their families while equipping and empowering their family to care for and love them


100 million children are living on the streets worldwide. Countless more are living in abusive homes, unwanted and rejected. It is these children that we fight for, in order to see them in a safe and loving family.

Many children are in need of help but we focus our resources on two primary groups of vulnerable children; those living on the streets, and those suffering extreme abuse or neglect. Family is at the fundamental core of our process, and so wherever possible we assist families so they can stay together. Indeed, we say we are pro-family based care - our desire is to see every child we rescue, restored and ultimately reintegrated into their community within a safe and loving family.


Our Process



While many children are in need of care in Kenya, our team focuses on the severe cases - that is, on children who require rapid response intervention and care to keep them safe. We categorise severe cases as those who are at risk of death or continued harm due to; neglect, repeated abuse and high level repetitive trauma. In such cases, children are rescued and housed temporarily in our Urgent Rescue Centre where a care plan is immediately created for their rehabilitation and reintegration.



Guiding a child through a process of rehabilitation and trauma recovery is vital in order to heal their past and change their future. To see successful long term change we work alongside three groups; a child, their family, and the wider community. Providing assistance through trauma recovery programmes, counselling, family tracing, family therapy, education, life skills training, health care, self-sustainability initiatives, and poverty eliminating schemes - all with a primary goal to restore the child and reunify families.



All children belong in a loving family, but many need help finding family and staying home. Family reunification is our primary goal for every child that comes into our care. Every child’s circumstance is unique, and sometimes an alternative family care solution is required - such as Kenyan adoption, or by finding guardianship through wider family connections. We commit to finding every child a safe, loving, permanent family home. Once children are reintegrated our guidance continues through our extensive follow up program ensuring long-term successful reintegration.


Join us as we see vulnerable children welcomed into family, thriving in education and the restoration of their health.


Become a monthly partner

If you would like to partner with us to make a lasting impact in the life of a vulnerable child then we invite you to partner with us and join The Lift Community, a group of monthly givers.


Approximately 300,000 children and young people are estimated to be living on the streets in Kenya. The need is pressing, and tragically, some of these children will die before they can be rescued.

We want to create real change. Long-term change. And we have a plan. We own 21 acres of land where we are building a new Urgent Rescue Centre, trauma recovery facilities, and more! It will be a place where we can provide both vulnerable and street-connected children with short-term care and housing while we work with them on the journey of reintegration, as well as a place where we can increase our capacity for community outreach programmes.This site, named Imani, will increase the scale of all the work already being carried out and enable us to transform the lives of many more children., We will be able to provide both vulnerable and street-connected children with short-term care and housing while we work with them on the journey of reintegration.