Latest National statistics show that there are approximately 250,000 - 300,000 children living on the streets in Kenya.


No child should ever have to live on the streets. Street life is harsh, as children are vulnerable to physical, emotional and sexual abuse, gang culture, drug abuse and malnutrition. We long to see an end to the suffering that street-connected children face, and one by one, we are! At The KCP, we have a team of social care professionals dedicated to seeing the safe reintegration of children. Our desire is to give every child we work with the best chance of a successful life.


Our Approach



We work amongst vulnerable slum communities as an early intervention method to break the cycle of children running away to live on the streets. We provide workshops, counselling, family planning, education sponsorship and practical support, all of which are reducing the number of children running away to the streets.


Our street team walk the darkest backstreets where we have built a vital foundation of trust with the children. We also partner with the Salvation Army to run behavioural and social therapy sessions at a local street school. Each week over 100 street-connected children are impacted through our team.


Our street social care office is opened at designated times to children living on the streets. The office is a safe environment where we meet with children, gain knowledge of their story and begin locating family members. This is a key part of the process for enabling a safe and successful reintegration for every child. 


Once a child makes the decision to return home, social enquiries are carried out. This is followed by family therapy, practical support and sponsorship. We are committed to seeing the lives of these children be transformed long-term and so follow ups and ongoing support is vital.


Our Dream

We have a huge need for a Street Transition Centre. Locating and preparing families can take time and so we need a solution for children who are waiting to go home. Sending children back to the streets during the process is not a safe solution.

The Street Transition Centre will be a home for a small number of children who want to leave life on the streets. It will be a place where street-connected children stay on a short term basis to receive care, intense therapy and the preparation that is needed for a brighter future. Families will be located and prepared simultaneously, giving children the highest level of support for their safe return home.

We are looking for partners to donate towards the monthly running costs of a Street Transition Centre, to cover necessities such as staffing, food and the rent of suitable premises. If you can help, we would love to hear from you.


Meet Martin

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If you would like to partner with us for the rescue of children from the streets, you could become a Street Child Rescue Sponsor today!


Become a Street Child Sponsor

You can enable the rescue of many children from the streets through giving monthly, so we can help even more children make it safely back home.

Every child rescued receives a start up pack to give them the best start with their family. The pack includes: clothing, a mattress, a blanket, school uniform and other basic home items. As well as ongoing psychological support from our Life Changers, children are also funded in education, in cases where families are unable to provide.


Help us transform the lives of vulnerable children. Make a difference today.


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