Meet Joseph

Joseph smiling

We found Joseph in a local hospital. The Doctors said he would not survive. Joseph was suffering with severe Tungiasis, Cellulitis in his limbs and Septicaemia. Joseph had been unable to walk for 8 months before he was taken to hospital. Poverty had prevented his parents from admitting him sooner. It was a sad sight. He was severely malnourished and had great muscle wastage. Sadly, all 10 of Joseph's siblings had died from similar causes. This family was too poor to get medical help or buy food. Joseph could barely speak due to lack of nurture and the trauma his family had faced. 

Hope found Joseph and he began to heal. After almost one week of treatment, Joseph was released from hospital. Although he could not walk, we brought him into our residential children’s home believing that his future was one filled with hope. It was amazing to see all of the children welcome him with such love and kindness. They carried Joseph everywhere and taught him to speak. One of our sons even built Joseph a wooden frame to support him while he learnt to walk. Within weeks Joseph started walking with no support! He is still having physiotherapy and his strength continues to increase everyday. Many people had given up on Joseph but he has a strength that has amazed us all. 

This beautiful life has been transformed.

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