A New Life for the Wafula Family


A story by KCP’s volunteer journalist, Nyambura, Kakamenga, Kenya

Today the Wafulas* are a happy family as they recount their journey of transformation in the past two years. From a state of poverty and despondency, they now marvel at the many blessings that have been poured into their family and their home.

The Wafula children in their new home. PC: Nyambura

The Wafula children in their new home. PC: Nyambura

This is the life of the Wafula’s today: a mother and father who go out to work every day to provide for the needs of their four lovely children. It also is a life of well cared for children who play and are in good health. A well-kept and tidied homestead that they keep secured, with sparkling floors. It is the life of a happy family; one that sits together around the fireplace to enjoy dinner, and retires every night to the warmth of a well-structured house, with enough rooms for everyone and the comfort of bedding.

Three years ago however, their story was very different.

Their original home

Their original home


The house they called home was a single room shared by all six members, with its walls falling apart and a roof that leaked heavily in the rainy weather. The children barely had any clothing to be proud of. They were at the brink of malnutrition and their bodies were infested with jiggers (a sand flea causing pain and immobility). Back then it was a sad life for them, they even lacked access to clean water and they lived with little hope for brighter days.

With poverty pushing them to the extremes of human existence, the parents were depressed and the children who were at the verge of neglect scavenged the streets of town hoping for even a little relief from the challenges they faced at home. Little did they know this act of desperation was about to bring about a remarkable transformation for the whole family!


The Kenyan Children’s Project was able to bring these children the relief they sought. Our street social workers met the children scavenging on the streets and we began the process of rehabilitation and family reunification.

To give the family a more habitable place to live, the KCP built the family a new home and provided bedding for them. Two of the children rescued from the streets, now enjoy education funded by KCP. To further strengthen their resolve, the family is taken through therapy sessions that continue to build the bond among them.

The parents having received such a blessing are now empowered to work and provide for the needs of their children. They have seen and believed in a hope greater than their problems. Their children are now ambitious in life, desiring to grow and become the heroes that they are created to be.

*The names in this story have been changed to protect the identity of this family.

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Samuel Basden