Family Strengthening Works: Chris’ Story

Chris and his grandfather together again.

Chris and his grandfather together again.

CHRIS’* STORY (Story told in first person)

Chris is a five year old whose joy is infectious to all around him. When we took him in for rescue in 2017, Chris was suffering from jiggers (an infectious sand flea) and facing malnutrition. As we learned more about Chris, we found out that he was born to a single mother who left him in the hands of her parents.

After treating him, when it was safe for him to reunite with his family, we were able to reintegrate him back to his grandparents! Chris loves being home with his grandparents and cousins, whom he knows as family.

While we are happy to report he has a loving grandpa and grandma and a big family around him, and that he sees his mother often - he has no idea who his father is (for now, his grandpa is the father figure he knows of). Sadly, his sense of belonging and ownership later in life is threatened by the neglect and absence of a father, in particular due to the fact that he might not be able to claim any inheritance. Therefore, we still seek to locate his parents.

Indeed, many children who are born to single parents in Kenya face rejection from society and even by their own parents. Such children are at the risk of neglect and harm. At The KCP/CTP-K, we are fighting for the future of such children. Through follow-ups and meetings with the involved parties, we seek to establish sustainable solutions for children who would otherwise be abandoned to the uncertainties of fate.

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*Name changed to protect identity

Abigail Forman