Reintegration Works: Brian's Story


Brian* was one of our first street connected children to be reintegrated through the street outreach sessions (without ever entering our Urgent Rescue Centre). Four years on, and his story of transformation is too amazing not to share! His journey highlights how developing a relationship is so key to helping children make a choice to return home, and just how valuable our Street-Connected Social Care Team are.

As he shared recently with one of our team: "I have been on and off the streets about 5 times since I was first rescued in 2015. Each time I was taken back home, I was in a constant push and pull fight with my former life. Somehow street life always won in the pull.

I didn't know how to control myself then, and so I always ran back to the ugly life of the streets. But the Social Workers from [The Kenyan Children’s Project/Children’s Transformation Project-Kenya] kept looking for me and encouraging me to return home. They really cared [and wanted] to know what was going on in my life and they always listened and advised me on the right thing to do.

At first I gave in because I did not want to disappoint them. But then with time, I made friends with them and even began looking forward to their next visits and counselling sessions.

The sessions gave me a strong foundation from which to make my decisions.

I now understand that I am in charge of my life.

When I remember the worry I caused my Mother all the times I ran from home, I feel ashamed. She works so hard to care for my siblings and me since our Father passed on many years ago. There are times that I felt undeserving of her love, yet she was always there waiting to receive me when the social workers brought me back home.

I will shine in my studies and be successful so that she will be even prouder of me in her later years.

I have made a firm resolve to remain home and in school so that I can change the course of my life for the better. When I look back, I can't imagine how much I was missing by being on the streets."

Stories like Brian’s remind us why we do what we do! And: We cannot do this life-transforming work alone. If you want to be part of the transforming journey of a child like Brian, we encourage you to partner with us at

*Name changed for child protection purposes

Abigail Forman