Partnership with 1MILLIONHOME

As many of you may know from a recent e-newsletter, in March the KCP became a partner of 1MILLIONHOME! We are partnering because we believe that while good intentioned, "...orphanages inadvertently separate families. Poverty stricken parents seeking better opportunities for their child became incentivised to place them there."

The Send notes, “80%  of children living in orphanages actually have a living, loving biological family they can return to.” The Send was also part of launching a 1000 day campaign by 1MILLIONHOME that seeks to reunite children to families - and completely revolutionise the orphanage model. 1MILLIONHOME says (and we agree) "Building more orphanages is not the answer for these children living on the streets. The innovative strategy of 1MILLIONHOME is to equip partners to convert their orphanages into reintegration centres that transition children home."

The KCP will be one of the front-line implementing partners, working with 1MILLIONHOME to streamline our processes of reintegration. The initial goal is to perfect the reintegration programme that Jonathan and Kelly Strong (our senior leaders in Kenya) started in 2014! They are excited to partner with 1MILLIONHOME to ensure The KCP’s  processes are up to date with national and international best practices. This will lead to the ultimate goal of being able to train other organisations in how to adopt the reintegration model (which in part, we have already started to do in various ways with ACCIK!).

As we are one of very few organisations in Kenya working under the reintegration model, 1MILLIONHOME (through an organisation called Agape, the front-line partner of 1MILLIONHOME) approached us right away, seeking to bring us to the place where we can begin training others. We are honoured by the request to join the as a partner, and so excited by the opportunity to help others. Notably in February and then most recently in June, some of our social care team participated in trainings run by Agape Children's Ministry in cooperation with 1MILLIONHOME. Specifically in February our social care team manager joined over 200 people from 13 different countries in a training designed to see one million children reintegrated back with family. In June, our team participated in a weeklong training.

We know that many organisations running orphanages are working with wonderful intentions. We need and want to honour the heart intentions, as we ourselves were formerly classified in that same group. We have learned over time the best way to go forward is to work with families so children can go home...because the best place for children is in a loving home.

We are excited and thankful for the great partnership that we believe will increase the quality of our reintegration programme! BIG Thank you to Agape Children’s Ministry & 1MILLIONHOME for your partnership.

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Abigail Forman