It's Playtime!!


It’s Playtime!! 

Play therapy is something we practice and is an important and valued part of the children’s schedule here at The KCP.

It is a powerful tool we use to help with REBUILDING confidence and RESTORING freedom in the children while they are with us.

To aid them when they are REINTERGRATED so that they can enjoy their lives and go on to be all they were born to be!

Last week Ursula and Jackie (who are a part of our social care team) led a session with our younger kids on “having a voice”.  A lot of the children that we work with have come from environments where their feelings, opinions, and emotions sadly were not considered – They had no voice.

At the KCP we teach our children the truth that they do in fact have a voice and should use it. For example not only to tell us how they are feeling but also to be free to laugh loudly when they find something funny if they want to. 

In the Play Therapy session last week our team had the children dressing up, dancing, playing with toys, singing; doing all sorts of fun things. The children enjoyed themselves – which was the goal.

It’s lovely to see joy restored in the faces and hearts of our children, through things like Play Therapy – it's Priceless. 

Nikki Gray