Where I sleep


At the foundations of The KCP is a heart for the children that are homeless, living on the streets. In Kenya these children are known as 'Choroka' -vermin but this is NOT who they are! The KCP was first started as a charity because of their suffering. Over the years we have rescued 18 street children, giving them the opportunity for education and support. 

At The KCP an amazing couple, Mark and Lucy Cavell, are developing the work we do with street children. They are building relationships with the children, developing support and teaching them weekly at the local Salvation Army Street School. They are impacting in the lives of street children in such a positive way. Our goal is to see these children reconciled with their families, safely at home.

We have found children as young as 4 years old living on the streets. During a session at street school, Mark and Lucy were teaching on the importance of identity. The children were putting together autobiographies when an 8 year old boy drew where he sleeps. The picture shows a shop and him asleep on the floor outside, this is the heart breaking reality of this little boys life. This is his bed. 


The KCP exists to make a difference to the lives of vulnerable children. We are seeing value and worth being instilled into their hearts. The goal is to see street children reintegrated back into their communities, for the reconciliation of family to take place. 


Samuel Nudds