We can't stop at one well


Good news... The families of the local vulnerable community are enjoying the taste of fresh and clean water. The water well built by The KCP in Marico's slum is COMPLETE! 1500 people have been enjoying this new water source since August, and the building covering the well is now complete. It is important that the well is covered to protect this water source from being misused. This fresh water well has been the most precious gift we could give these families. The well is open for the community between 8 and 10 hours each day, giving time for the water level to rise again during the night. 


At the KCP we have new insight and understanding of the value of clean water and the over flowing joy that it brings. The rate of sickness and death in the slum will have certainly reduced as a result. The children no longer have to visit the nearby river to gather water for drinking, cooking and washing. Instead families can enjoy a short walk to the community well, filling their buckets and bowls with as much water as they need. 


More lives are in need of access to fresh water. We cannot stop at one well! The Shivakala well project will be next. The people of this community are living in poverty and access to clean, drinkable water would change the lives of many! If you would like to be part of this exciting gift that keeps on giving, then please contact us at info@thekcp.org


This is just the beginning of resourcing more communities, more wells and more water is coming! 


Directors Stuart & Chloe Glassborow and Sarah Nudds blessing the new well for Marcios Place community. Many will come and drink from this well. 




Samuel Nudds