Water for all


We have some VERY exciting news. We are building a well in the slum! This slum community is being transformed one heart and one building at a time. Many of you will remember back in April The KCP invested into the education of the children in the slum through renovating a mud hut into a homework club, fitted with electricity. A great blessing to this community. Since then our relationship with this beautiful community has continued to grow.


Our team run projects in the slum each week, investing into families there. Our hearts broke at the sight and knowledge of many of these people struggling due to lack of clean water. We see the children suffering with sicknesses during the dry season, simply because the old well has run dry and they are forced to drink from the nearby river. A lack of basic human rights can cause children to flee to the streets looking for a better life. This injustice stirred a dream for a new project… a new well to provide water for all.


We took this vision back to the UK, where a pledge was made to The Kenyan Children’s Project for a well. This week digging has begun in a Maricos Place slum area. A right to water will no longer be a problem here - water will be overflowing.


 A gate will be put around the well for the protection of this precious water source but each morning the gates will be opened for all to come and share. This clean water will saves lives and reduce sickness.

Clean water, a priceless gift. 

Samuel Nudds