Treasures Here Today: Meet Moses!


I don’t know about you, but some of the horrors I read about affect me on a level where I find myself stopped in my tracks, broken and quite frankly in disbelief, questioning as to how such a thing could happen to someone so vulnerable and little. And yet thankfully, synonymously in many of these circumstances, hope has intervened, hands and feet are there helping on the ground, and an otherwise dire situation is being changed for good. Lives are being restored!

Such is the story of Moses, one of our miracles, who at 9 years old is the height of an average 5 year old. Found locked up in a poorly ventilated, dusty room Moses’ sunken eyes reflected his severely malnourished body and physical environment. At the point he was found, his 13kg body was riddled with Tungiasis (an infectious and immobilising sand flea) to the extent that he was unable to walk.  


His mother had left when he was 2 years old and his alcohol-dependent father, ill-equipped to parent solely, kept him in confinement much of his life, opening the room only in the evenings, when Moses was given food. Professional institutions and locals had attempted to intervene on occasions, however the hostile environment meant that they had given up, feeling the situation was too complex and the extent of damage to Moses’ body, too great. We made a decison that we would not give up on Moses, whatever measures were required to see him well again. Persistence on the KCP teams’ part, in consultation with the area chief, saw Moses moved from his lock-up to a local hospital where two weeks of treatment began to tackle his severe case of tungiasis and malnutrition. It was clear however that this was just the start of Moses’ journey to restoration. The affects of social exclusion and the emotional damage he had endured have meant that he is now learning to communicate for the first time. 

Moses was welcomed into the Kenyan Children Project's home, where he now belongs. He is loved, cherished, and cared for. Moses now sleeps safely on a bed under a mosquito net, receiving all the meals he needs. Already Moses is a different child, so smiley and full of life. 

Looking at Moses today and you will see a thriving child, fully integrated with his peers who adore his unique personality. It's amazing to see in person the change to the tiny child that came in originally. And although he is still learning to develop his speech, his eyes dance with joy and he claps along animatedly as the KCP family sing songs. Thank You to you all who support the KCP- you are literally providing our children with the opportunity to belong and be loved back to the life.  

Samuel Nudds