One step closer to self sustainability


We are over excited to announce that four acres of the new land is currently being farmed! Our team on the ground have been busy ploughing, planting, weeding and harvesting. Their efforts have already been enjoyed, the land has produced two harvests of leafy vegetables so far, feeding all the children at the KCP home their healthy greens. 

This is a significant time for us at The Kenyan Children's Project, we have been dreaming of self sustainability for so long. The goal is always to empower the Kenyans to succeed. With the produce of crops our monthly food costs will decrease, enabling KCP to assist more vulnerable children. Another great benefit is that the children are learning valuable farming skills which will be of huge benefit for their future. In time they will have their own families and will be able to farm their own land and provide food for their families.       

Maize, sweet potatoes, cassava and beans are also growing. The maize will be ready to be harvested in 2 months. Dried and stored this could provide five months of food at our children's home. Holes have also been prepared for the plantation of bananas. Soon there will be food supplies to sustain many. 

The children in our home are eagerly awaiting more produce, soon their stomaches will be filled and sustained by home grown crops. 

Samuel Nudds