More Land, More Maize


We have had an awesome month at The KCP. The land we purchased in December 2014 is even bigger than we realised. The boundaries have been extended and we have gained a significant portion of land! As the land has extended so have our possibilities and potential. 

To celebrate the expansion, we invited the Chief of the village, the local leaders and all of our neighbours for a meal on our land. It was a special time as we dreamt together about future projects and what could be built on the land. They have welcomed us with such excitement and support. Working together we can impact the community for the better, bringing hope and empowerment into the lives of many families in Kabras.


This month we received a bountiful harvest of maize. Despite planting the maize very late in season due to the time we purchased the land, the chances the maize would do well was unfavourable. However, we prayed for a wonderful harvest and that is exactly what we have received. We have been able to give maize away and still we have enough to sustain our children's home for 3 months!  

Plans for phase two of farming are even greater. Our target is to harvest one hundred bags of maize and five bags of beans from this next season (March - October). This goal requires great investment, we currently have team working very hard to clear, plough and plant across five acres of land. Once harvested, the maize will be used for food at The KCP children's home, a portion will be given to needy families and the remaining can be sold to invest back into the charity for developing projects. This is a very exciting time for us at The KCP. 

We have also purchased goats! They are the first residents to join our Masai guards on the land. We hope that their numbers will continue to increase, to aid the supply of meat for the children but also so that we can give goats away to vulnerable families. It is so good to be a blessing for those in need. 

Thank you for being part of this KCP adventure, for standing with us to see breakthrough for the vulnerable. We are making a difference. 

Samuel Nudds