Home is a gift


Everyone needs a home, a place to belong and be at peace. Many of the children we work alongside do not have a home; some are sleeping in potato sacks on shop verandas, others travel from town to town looking for somewhere safe to find rest. Of those that do have homes, some live in conditions which are very unsafe or unstable. 

BUT something is being done to change this! At The KCP we are on a mission to provide homes for vulnerable children and families. 

The photo below shows the awful home state of one of the families, before The KCP built them a new home earlier this year


We are delighted to announce that The KCP has just completed its 8th house build. Eight families, all with different stories, have been freed from severe poverty and states of desperation, in less than two years. 

The transformation that is witnessed when a whole family is lifted from the dust is beautiful to watch. They are now living in safe, strong and stable homes. Not only are they now surrounded by a home that brings protection, our incredible social care team work alongside the whole family to bring family therapy, health and hygiene education and counselling, ensuring the family are equipped to manage their well-being moving forward. We also find children education sponsors so that children can attend school, a gift that will enable the children to break out of poverty in their future. We have seen whole families impacted greatly through this holistic approach. It is amazing how building a home can restore not just the practical situation, but the identity and self-worth of an entire family. This in turn transforms their future. 


Kenya has thrown itself behind the fight for families, where institutional care was a simple solution in the past, we are now seeing families fight to stay together. Children are now only committed into the care of children's home when no other measures can be used to ensure the safety of a vulnerable child. Wherever possible we are working alongside family members to empower them with the tools needed to care for their own children. We have had success with so many families. The house build projects have proved to be significant part of our dream to enable families to remain together and care for their children - so thank you to every person who have given to fund the building of these homes. Our ninth house build is just beginning and we are excited for the future lives that will be impacted as we continue with this work.


The KCP children's home is still a vital and necessary part of The Kenyan Children's Project. It is a rescue centre for some of the most vulnerable children in our area of impact. We fight for family first, but there are cases where the removal of a child is absolutely necessary for their protection and survival. The goal for every child in our care is that they too will find family and home in the future. Every child's story is different. Every child should be loved and have a home. Every child should have education. Every child should have access to clean water. All that we do is working towards these goals. Lives are being transformed.

Thank you for being a part of their stories.


House build number 8, nearly complete..


 This little sweet heart is now living in a brand new home with her parents and her three siblings, thanks to The Kenyan Children's Project. 

Samuel Nudds