From the streets to success


We are continually inspired by the children that we rescue. Against all odds they conquer the past trauma and embrace hope. 

On 29th August 2012 we held an outreach for children living on the streets. That day we met a boy name Jamal. He was dressed in torn and dirty clothes, his eyes were glazed over and he stank of solvent. He was high on glue, addicted to this solvent that stopped him from feeling cold, hunger and pain. Jamal had turned up eager to receive a hot meal. Despite the desperate state Jamal was in, there was still a hope in his heart for change. 

Jamal wanted to turn his life around and so The KCP began a 3 month period of rehabilitation. During this time he received counselling, love and behavioural therapy. We got Jamal back into education and found him somewhere safe to stay. Each day he would eat with the children at our children's home. Jamal adjusted to the dramatic change in life style well. He went from sleeping in a potato sack to having a bed with a pillow, blanket and mosquito net. Although the change is good it is still a hard process of adjustment for these children. 

Jamal was then welcomed into our children's home full time. He continued to study so hard and did all he could to become a responsible young man. In December 2015 Jamal took his final Primary School exam. He scored 401 out of 500, giving him one of the highest scores in the county! Jamal then secured a place at the best National Secondary School in Kenya. We are so proud of Jamal. He has worked so hard and we know he is going achieve great things. Child sponsorship at The KCP is so powerful it enables children like Jamal to be empowered for a better future. His life has been forever changed.

Samuel Nudds