We are excited to announce that the 21 acres of land owned by The Kenyan Children's Project, has been named 'Imani'.

Already there has been lots of activity on the land. Our Kenyan staff have been busy, growing nutritious crops, rearing an ever-increasing number of goats and our cow has given birth to a healthly calf. It has been a whirlwind few weeks with much planning, so much has been achieved. We are now ready to begin building on the land!

First to be built is the solar powered borehole, once complete it will provide endless water for countless people! The team have begun, they hit water quickly and the drilling will continue to 264 ft deep. This great depth will ensure that even in the dry season this borehole will continue to sustain many people with fresh, clean and safe water. We know that lives are going to be saved as a result. 

We are also currently preparing to build a large communtiy cabanda. The trenches are being dug ready for the build of this open structure that will seat 250 people. The cabanda will be used as a multi-purpose space, hosting medical treatment programs for the vulnerable, life skills training for widows and other valuable community groups and projects. We can't wait to be a blessing to this community that is in need. 

At The KCP, we have been blessed by two skilled individuals, Les Dennis (CEO of an amazing charity, Hope for the Nations) and Dewald Koch (a trained architect). Both have given many hours to help with plans, architectural drawings, and the implementation of our vision for Imani. We are grateful to them both, and to Hope for the Nations, for enabling us to get this far.

We wanted to share our excitement with you and so here is a preview of the community cabanda, coming soon to Imani. Thank you to all those who donated towards this cause at the European Leader Advance conference 2016. We are so excited by the potential this community building brings. Countless lives will be equipped and blessed! A big thank you from The KCP team. 


The above image shows the drilling rigs used to build the 264 ft solar powered borehole on our land.


An event for vulnerable widows held at Imani, July 2016. 

Samuel Nudds