Change A Life


Every child should have a safe home. 

Every child should have access to clean water. 

Every child should have an education. 

Every child should be loved. 


Every child is important, each one is valuable, and each one deserves a chance to thrive in life. We celebrate every child that we see freed from poverty, able to begin school and enjoy simple things that we can so easily take for granted, such as the ability to eat, sleep safely and to learn.


We have a goal to see 38 children sponsored by Christmas! With your help this is possible. We have committed to transform the lives of these children but we need your help to maintain life changing support.


At the KCP we have countless stories of transformation. The children below are just some of our successes. Their lives have been transformed, they are attending school, after receiving life-saving medical treatment, each one has gone from being without hope to having a reason to smile, and it is thanks to child sponsorship! 


Child sponsorship is at the heart of what we do at the KCP, it enables us to change the lives of children like these precious ones. Some of the children we sponsor live within our child rescue centre, and many more are supported in their home areas, either in local slums or rural villages. 


Every familiy and child is different and so are their needs, so our care for each child is tailored directly to their individual situation. This is where our team of ‘Life Changers’ (our team of social workers) get involved - they play a vital part in working with children and families to provide a holistic plan for transformation. Our goal is always to empower the child and their family for lasting change, with a hope that they will become self sustainable and succeed without support.


Our sponsorship is divided into two types - ‘life’ and ‘education’, this enables us to use money where it is most specifically needed in each individual scenario. ‘Life’ sponsorship contributes towards basic living costs such as food, clothing, housing and care, while ‘education’ sponsorships provide money specifically for the costs of sending a child to school. 


Together we can change a child's future and bring hope where there has been none. The beautiful testimonies of the power of sponsorship are being told by many children at KCP. You could be part of transforming a child's story today. 


Could you spread the word, sponsor a child, or gather a group of friends or colleagues to sponsor a child together? We can make a difference. 

Every Child Is Important.

Change A Life.

Sponsor A Child.

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Samuel Nudds