Building a home for a family in need


Meet this precious family.. at first glance they have little. Some would say they have nothing but each other. At The Kenyan Children's Project we are fighting to see families empowered to stay together. Poverty can be the strain that pulls families apart. We often hear of children fleeing their rural home to live on the streets. They are looking for a better life, hoping for food and comfort. Sadly the life they find is often much worse.This week, a plea went out to help this family and build them a home. We have been overwhelmed by the generous response! We have been able to act immediately. I am excited to announce that the building work has already begun, soon this family will have a safe home. Thank you to all those who have donated towards; the building, cementing floors, beds, mattresses, mosquito nets, and seeds to be planted on their land ready for the next harvest. The lives of this family are being transformed and we couldn't be more excited. 


We will not stop here; there is still a need. All five children do not attend school because of poverty. At The KCP we are looking for education sponsors for each of the children. The family are all psychologically challenged and we are beginning the process of getting them fully assessed by psychologists. They are vulnerable in their community and could easily be taken advantage of. You can help us intervene. Once the children are in school we can fully understand the care and support each of them needs. Our heart is for them to be educated so they can learn trades and farm their own land. We want to see the cycle of poverty broken in this family. Education sponsorship costs as little as £25 a month, yet it changes a child's life forever. To begin child sponsorship today, visit or email 

This family has been given a reason to hope for their future. Let's make a lasting difference and see this family succeed. 

Samuel Nudds