Victor and His New Home


One of our oldest sons Victor, has now turned 18 years old. As he is now an adult, legally he cannot remain in our Children’s Rescue Centre. His life has seen so much transformation and we are excited to be able to build him a new home and help him on this next step to a successful future.


Firstly here is a bit of Victor’s story. Sadly, when Victor was young he was disowned by his father and abandoned by his mother. He was staying with his very sick and elderly grandmother who lived in extreme poverty and was unable to look after, feed or send him to school. Victor had no choice but to run away to Kakamega town on his own, where he tried to survive by living on the streets, scavenging for food in the rubbish pits. 


Life on the street is a very violent, abusive and scary environment that no person, especially a child, should have to experience. Many “street boys” die in similar situations, but Victor was found by our team of Life Changers and came to live in the KCP Child Rescue Centre. Victor’s is one of the many stories where Child Sponsorship facilitated us in being able to literally save his life!


Victor’s life has been completely transformed since he was rescued from the streets. He is currently at boarding school in Nairobi. He was awarded a scholarship to study at one of the best schools in the country and is doing very well. We are so proud of him! 



Thanks to some very generous donors, we are able to build him a house, so that when he returns from school he will have his own home to help him on his way to a successful future. When Victor came back from school for the holidays we were able to surprise him with the beginnings of his new home, he was extremely excited and grateful. His new home is still being built but is really taking shape and is looking great. Thank you so much to the Rotary Club of Aylesbury Hundreds for enabling us to build him this home, what an incredible gift!



Thank you so much to everyone who partnered with us to make this all possible, all the way from Victor’s rescue until now. There are so many who are part of the journey of transformation for each child. A big thank you to those who sponsor our Life Changers (Kenyan social workers), allowing them to go onto the streets and find children like Victor, and to those who sponsor our children, allowing us to care for them in our Child Rescue Centre and send them to school. Also, thank you to those who have donated towards building Victor's new home, setting him up for a beautiful future.


To all those who support and donate to the Kenyan Children’s Project, we are so grateful and could not save and transform lives without you!


Below is a picture of Victor's new house, while still under construction.

Samuel Nudds