This is transformation! We are building!


We are so excited to give you this latest update about our development project - Imani, in Kabras. Work has been progressing and suddenly the difference is very visible!

We have water! In 2016 our borehole was completed, so we now have clean running water. This is a priceless commodity and will supply community buildings, children’s homes, a nursery school and medical centre. The final depth is 171.6ft, not as deep as we had originally planned, because at that depth the team were forced to stop drilling due to the abundance of water… incredible! We are so thankful to those who helped to make the drilling of this borehole a reality - we could not have done this without your support. This is a crucial part of all of the community work we will do in this area, it will enable us to continue work on the land and even make our own bricks.


Our first building, a community kibanda, is in the process of being constructed, thanks to the kind support of the attendees of the European Leaders Advance in Harrogate. This building will host community trainings, meetings, medical and feeding programmes. The land has been prepared, resources purchased and the builders are hard at work! We are hoping the kibanda will be completed within the next month or two, so look out for more updates of that build very soon.

We have also made progress preparing the land for our new children’s homes. As portions of the land are sloped, the diggers have been hard at work flattening it into terraces, to enable us to build. The excess soil will then be used, with the water from the borehole, along with sand and concrete, to make bricks. We have a brick machine purchased and onsite ready to use, which will supply bricks for the children’s homes and other community buildings. Once our buildings are complete we then plan to run a brick building business, in order to help us move towards self-sustainability in the long-term.

The next step will be building walls on the edges of the terraces, to secure them from rain damage and then digging the foundations for the children’s homes. These homes will sleep up to 96 children in total, in small family sized units, which will each have residential mums and dads. We are so excited about how this will improve the quality of care for our children while they are with us. 

We are so thankful to our partner charity Hope For The Nations; who have been an integral part of getting the project moving. They have drawn up plans, advised us on practical details and are working alongside our team of Kenyan staff assisting with the construction. They have experience with similar projects in other parts of the world and their CEO Les Dennis has been with us again in the last few weeks in Kenya, advising builders on the work as it happens. We could not do this project without them or their wisdom! Check out their website for more info.

Have a look below for some of the photos of the progress.

Samuel Nudds