Sponsor 25… your voice makes a difference!


Sponsor 25… your voice makes a difference!

We have just launched this years sponsorship campaign, sponsor 25.

Sponsorship is such a powerful way to bring about change, it allows us to rescue and transform the lives of children in desperate situations. Sponsorship changes lives, and we could not do this without your help!

This year we are looking forward to seeing 25 more children sponsored in our Child Rescue Centre. 


Can you help us spread the word? 

We need you to talk, share our posts on social media, encourage your friends to get involved, or sponsor with your church, community group, or even sponsor yourself!


Can you help us rescue a child? 

Sponsorship starts at 25 pounds per month. If you would like to sponsor a child, or would just like more information about child sponsorship, go to www.thekcp.org/child-rescue or please email us at sponsor@thekcp.org and we will answer any questions you have. 

Thank you so much to everyone who is already sponsoring a child in our Child Rescue Centre, you play such a vital role in transforming the lives of these beautiful children!

Samuel Nudds