Running for their lives!


Sarah Nudds, CEO of the Kenyan Children's Project, is running Windsor Half Marathon (13.1 miles /  21.1 K) on 24th of September to raise financial support to change the lives of children in desperate situations in Kenya. 


The Kenyan Children’s Project (KCP) is a charity that saves and restores the lives of children in Kenya who are in desperate situations, such as those in extreme poverty, abused, orphaned or abandoned. Sarah, the CEO of the KCP, works full time to facilitate all the work that is carried out both in our UK office and on the ground with our team in Kenya. We believe in taking action to bring about change and sometimes that action looks like running 13.1 miles! Sarah has been been lacing up her trainers and putting in the miles in preparation for the Windsor half marathon to raise funds for the KCP by running for their lives!


The heart of KCP is to empower and equip families so they can beat poverty. This is achieved through health care, family therapy, education, training, house build projects, and through other poverty eliminating methods. Wherever possible we fight to see families stay together. However, in cases where a child is subject to abuse, or neglect, further intervention is required and vulnerable children are brought into our Child Rescue Centre. 


Fun fact: 

A Kenyan called Florence Kiplagat currently holds the world record for the women's half marathon, completing the run in only 1 hour, 5 minutes and 9 seconds. Even though this is Sarah’s first half marathon, after spending so much time in Kenya lets hope that the gift of running has rubbed off on her! 


Join in

If you would like to sponsor Sarah to run the half marathon please visit her go fund me page. The KCP is financed purely by donations and regular sponsors and so every penny really does make a difference!


Photo above shows Sarah and her husband Samuel, after an 8 mile training run!  

Samuel Nudds