Kevin’s Leukemia Treatment Update


Dear KCP friends, 

You may have seen on facebook our recent appeal for our much loved son Kevin. We wanted to let you know the latest update on his health, treatment and care. Thank you to all those who have helped raise funds, or sent messages of love, support and prayer so far. It is making a difference.

Kevin is nine years old and has lived in our Child Rescue Centre since he was three years old. He came from a background of extreme poverty and neglect, and when he first met our team he was very malnourished and in need of medical treatment. He came, with his two brothers, to a clinic we were hosting, where they were highlighted as extremely vulnerable children. Soon after that, with some investigation from our team of Life Changers (qualified social workers), all three children came to live in our home. They settled in really well, their health drastically improved, and all three boys are now full of smiles and fun, able to live the childhood which they were not able to enjoy in their early years as a result of their sad and challenging background. Kevin has grown to be a fun, lively and cheeky little boy, who is a special part of our KCP family. We love him a lot!

From being a generally healthy boy, Kevin became suddenly ill in early October, and seemingly from nowhere his condition deteriorated very quickly. After being admitted to a local hospital he underwent numerous tests and several emergency blood transfusions, and was then diagnosed with Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia (ALL).


Above: Kevin before he became unwell


Following this diagnosis, it was found that we could not get Kevin the urgent care he needed for his survival in our local area. As a result of this, we made the decision to move him to a hospital in Nairobi this week, so that he can receive treatment in the best hospital in Kenya, the only one which facilitates the treatment and care which he desperately needs.  


We are so pleased to have found that his treatment is being supervised by a highly recommended professor, the best one in East Africa to oversee the treatment of ALL. We are so thankful for this expertise being available in Kenya. 


Kevin has now begun intense chemotherapy and even despite being so sick, he is still finding reasons to smile and laugh. He is such a joy to us all and he is so brave. We are so proud of him and his bravery despite the difficulties he has faced over the last few weeks.


Kevin will be receiving ongoing chemotherapy, and most of his care will continue as an outpatient. Kevin is not currently strong enough to make the weekly long journey from Kakamega to Nairobi for treatment and so we have organised accommodation nearby the hospital. He is not alone, he is being cared for by some of our best Kenyan staff at KCP. Kevin is with his favourite baba (house Dad) from our child rescue centre, who is making sure Kevin knows he is loved and safe. 


As a result of this move to Nairobi and having a more detailed diagnosis, doctors have now been able to figure out a projected treatment plan. This has given us a more detailed idea of the costs which will likely be involved, although of course this will develop based on how he responds to treatment along the way. There is much to be thankful for, as the costs in Kenya are much lower than they would be in England, however they are much higher than our initial estimate when he first became unwell. So those of you following the fundraiser for his treatment and care will notice the total we are raising has now been updated. 


… and here is where we would love your help! 


So far 99 supporters have raised almost £5000 in just a week… wow, and thank you! The campaign has had hundreds of shares, and it has made a huge impact.

We now need to raise an additional £35,000.


Could you help us help Kevin? 

We need your voice! 

Together we can make a difference. 


Could you share the fundraiser on facebook or instagram?

Or could you gather with friends or community groups and do a fundraising event, or sponsored challenge?

Do you know of any relevant charities who may also be able to help?

Could you give yourself?


Lets share, speak up, and make a difference for this little one in desperate need of a life line.

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Above: Kevin with one of our team, after he was moved to a hospital in Nairobi this week.



Above: Kevin with his new toy lion, who will be keeping him company during his treatment.


We love you Kevin and are so proud of you!

Thank you so much to all who have been part of the journey so far, through gifts and messages of support, love and prayer. Thank you for making a difference to this precious life! 

Samuel Nudds