Fighting for a family in need - Alfred's Emergency Medical Appeal


We have found an incredibly desperate Father and his four children who are in extreme need of assistance and medical care. Many of you will have seen our previous facebook post about Alfred and his four children. Without treatment, this father, Alfred will die. He would leave behind four young orphans, aged 2, 3, 7 and 10, who would be fatherless. This type of case is why we exist - Alfred is an incredible father and we are fighting for this family to keep their Dad and stay together.

We want to give this family the best possible chance of a better future. Can you help us rescue a family in need? 

Since our initial appeal, with your help, we were able to raise over £1400 to begin the process of his detailed diagnosis and medical treatment. However, the biopsy results and treatment course have not been what was expected. It was initially thought that he had extreme infections in his left leg; which were a result of elephantiasis, tungiasis and several other severe blood infections. It is now diagnosed that in addition to the infections found initially, Alfred also has stage four cancer, and is in need of urgent amputation and also chemotherapy to survive.

Alfred has no income and has been totally abandoned by his wife. His children have been surviving off small food donations from local well wishers, but frequently  whole days go by when they have no food to eat at all. With so little money for food, there is no way that Alfred can afford any medical treatment, let alone that which is needed to save his life, and give these children a chance to keep their father. This type of case is why we exist!

We need your help. We have enough money raised to begin the amputation process, thanks to our initial appeal, but we now need to raise the funds for the chemotherapy and the extended care that will be needed for Alfred and his children during his treatment and recovery process. His children will need four months of residential care initially, the whole family will need therapy, practical support and Alfred will have many ongoing medical expenses. The total amount needed for his treatment and aftercare of the family is £4360.00.

In addition to this we are going to build Alfred’s family a new home. In Kenyan culture, a home secures land and a family inheritance for the future. We want to make sure that as Alfred recovers, this family have a safe and healthy environment to live in, as well as a secure inheritance for the future. We have raised ¾ of the total amount needed to build the family this new home (£1200 in total) and are looking to raise an additional £250 to enable this home to be completed. 

At The KCP, we are committed to providing sustainable holistic care - offering practical resources, therapy and life-skills training - so that those we help in a moment can then take care for themselves for a lifetime, with no need for further support. 

Our hope is that, with your help, Alfred’s life will be saved, the treatment will be succesful and he will be able to work and care for his children long term, and also that the provision of this new home will mean the whole family have a secure financial future ahead of them. He is a brilliant father and we want to give him and his children the best possible chance at a better future.

We have raised so much already, together we can raise the rest! If just 30 people gave £100, we would hit our target so fast! You can give through our website, or on our JustGiving campaign page, which gives details of our fundraising progress. See the progress (so far we have raised an incredible £2452.91!).

And if you can’t give a financial gift, you can help us by spreading the word and sharing this blog on social media. You could also start your own fundraiser to raise support in your community or church. Everyone can make a difference! Please call our office on 02089048610 or email if you would like to run your own fundraiser.

Help us save a family today! 

*Please note: All money raised will be designated for the assistance of Alfred and his children, in whichever way is most appropriate based on how the treatment course develops, and medical advice.*

For those who have given previously, thank you so much. Your gift has been logged as an offline donation on the current fundraiser. Thank you for making a difference!

Samuel Nudds