Dreams becoming Reality: Imani Progress


We are so excited to give you this latest update about the building of Imani. Change is happening on the land, and it is such a great sign of all the transformation that is to come from this place. 


The mission of the Imani is to transform the lives of extremely vulnerable children - those living in extreme poverty or highly abusive circumstances. Projects based out of Imani will improve the circumstance and education of entire families and communities, as well as bring aid and care to individual children at risk in the region. 

Imani will house an urgent care centre, community buildings, a nursery school, community medical care, staff housing; providing a base for local leaders trainings and community outreach work. It will also be a base for farming and small businesses that make KCP increasingly self-sustainable. 


Stoning, Building Bricks and Our First Building!

The land we own is beautiful, fertile and also it is sloped, which means we have needed to flatten it in sections to prepare it for building. As a result, our teams have been hard at work, digging the land into terraces and most recently building stone walls to reinforce these terraces from the Kenyan rain. 


At the same time as the stoning these terracings, we have also now begun building our own bricks! Thanks to a very kind donor we have been given a brick building machine and in the last month we have trained a team of local men who are now working full time to produce bricks ready for the building of the new child rescue centre. These bricks are made using the soil which has been dug from the terracing of our land, so they are also a great use of our own resources. In addition for use for our new buildings, bricks will also be sold, making the brick machine the first small business based out of Imani which will generate income for the care of the most vulnerable children in our area. 


We are also very happy to report that we have finished our first building! This is a community kibanda, which will house many community events, trainings and medical programmes. It will also provide welcome shade from the hot Kenyan Sun, and the roof is specially insulated to provide protection from the heat of the sun. Thank you so much to all who contributed towards this first building.


We hope you enjoy seeing these pictures of the progress. Our dream is that Imani will be a safe haven for the transformation and restoration of many hundreds of lives for years to come, and we are so excited that this is beginning to become a reality. We will keep you updated of the progress!


Samuel Nudds