Celebrating Alfred's Transformation


So many of you donated to our appeal for Alfred’s medical costs, which in turn has saved his life! We cannot thank you enough, he’s doing amazingly well and is so happy!


For those of you who are unaware of Alfred’s journey to this point, here is a quick overview of his story. When we found Alfred in a rural village in west Kenya, he was in a very bad way with his health. His wife had run away, abandoning the family and leaving Alfred as the single parent to four beautiful young children. Alfred is such a good, loving father and his children adore him. If his medical condition was not treated urgently, not only would he have died, but his four children aged 2, 3, 7 and 10 would have been orphaned. Alfred could not work to provide enough food to feed his family, due to his medical conditions. As a result, his family were living in extreme poverty, surviving only off food donations from well-wishers and neighbours.



From our first assessments it was thought that the extent of his medical conditions were extreme infections to his left leg, resulting from elephantiasis, tungiasis and several other severe blood infections. After further investigation including a biopsy it was discovered to be a lot more serious than we initially thought. Alfred had stage four cancer and needed immediate amputation of his leg alongside chemotherapy to have any chance of surviving.


With your help we were able to act quickly and give Alfred the treatment he desperately needed. Alfred went in for surgery to have his left leg removed. The operation was successful and Alfred was kept in hospital for the following 10 days so that the doctors could perform regular checks. For the 10 days he was in hospital Alfred received physiotherapy to help him adjust to his new lifestyle without his left leg. After thorough checks he was discharged and was then moved to a house in the town for a further week where he could receive regular visits and checks from doctors and nurses. 


As well as taking care of Alfred’s medical costs, many of you donated towards building him and his children a new home. As Alfred recovered, we wanted to make sure that he and his kids had a safe and healthy environment to live in. As well as this, in the local culture having a house secures your land and with it, the family inheritance. Alfred's children now have a secure family inheritance as that house in now complete! 


Here is a picture of their house when it is almost completed:


Last Friday Alfred was able to move back to his home village after being given the all clear. The house looks so good and needless to say he is over the moon and so grateful! Even though Alfred lost his leg, he hadn’t been able to use it for so long and it had been the cause of so much pain and suffering. He is now free from it’s burden and the affect the infection had on the rest of his body. He is overjoyed with the life that has been given back to him, and the impact it will have on his family. Once fully recovered he will be able to return to work and provide for his family, his transformation is truly awesome!


We will continue to work with Alfred to make sure that his recovery and rehabilitation is smooth and his family receive all the help they need in the process.



We are so thankful for everyone who partnered with us to save this loving man’s life and in doing so keeping a beautiful family together. It is for cases like this that the KCP exist. Keeping families together, when safe to do so, is the first and best option. We are so pleased that in this case, 4 beautiful children get to stay with their loving father in a safe house in their home village where they have a secure inheritance for the future. 


Thank you for joining with us to make this possible!

Samuel Nudds