A Race Worth Running!


A huge thank you to every person that sponsored me to run the Windsor Half Marathon for the support and aid of The Kenyan Children's Project. Together we raised £1,778.75 (including gift aid)! 

It was a gorgeous day, the sun was out and Windsor park looked beautiful. It was my first ever race so I had no idea what to expect but it was great fun! It was amazing to be there with thousands of others, all running for various causes, together making a huge impact to the lives of countless people and many charities.


When it got tough, I pictured the children that I was running for and it gave me the energy I needed to keep going. 13 miles (21 km) later I made it across the finish line at 2:02:40. It was an amazing feeling, even if my legs did feel like jelly! 

I am so thankful for every penny donated. The total raised, £1,778.75, could fund a child through secondary school, build a vulnerable family a mud home lasting 30 - 40 years, or treat around 175 children from Tungiasis! I am so grateful for every generous donation that will enable The KCP to carry out incredible work that is transforming the lives of destitute children every day. 

Future fundraisers..

Next summer we will be inviting you to get involved and TAKE ACTION! Our hope is to have multiple different people running their own sponsored events, all at the same time! Why don't you start thinking about what you could do? Whether it is a run, a walk, a bake sale, a sky dive, or colouring your hair blue, I encourage you to think about how you could get involved.

Together we could make a signifcant impact in the lives of children that need hope. 

Changing lives together... Summer 2018!


Sarah (left) is the CEO at The Kenyan Children's Project, she ran the with her cousin Georgia de jong Cleyndert (right).

Samuel Nudds