A Day to Celebrate - it's Time for University!


We are so excited to report that one of our boys is beginning university today! He is the FIRST of the children we have rescued to go to university and we are so proud of him. This is such a huge achievement. The transformation in his life has been extraordinary.


When he first met The KCP team, Joshua was nine years old and life was hard.  Both his parents had died when he was very young, leaving him a total orphan, in extreme poverty. Young Joshua never dreamt he would receive an education, and now he is about to begin his studies at university! What a turn around! Joshua has found a purpose, hope and joy for life.


He came to live in our Child Rescue Centre in 2007. From when he first arrived in our home, it was clear Joshua was intelligent and keen to learn. He quickly began to open up emotionally and flourished in the safety of a stable home. He gained the nickname ‘inquisitive’ as he was always asking questions and was so keen to learn. He became fluent in English incredibly quickly, even helping other children in the home with translation before they understood themselves. He had no education before he came into our care, and caught up quickly, becoming a high achiever in his national exams, as well as getting involved with lots of extra curricular activities at school.


Joshua is pictured above (at the front on the left, in the blue polo shirt). This photo was taken when he was much younger and had lived in our children's home a year. 


Joshua has worked so hard, and we are so proud of him as he begins this new part of his education. He is beginning a course in Hotel and Hospitality Management on August 21st, and will be studying for the next four years. This qualification will open up many opportunities for Joshua in an area that his excited about. Gaining transferable life skills is such a valuable investment for Joshua’s survival and future success. 


We are looking forward to seeing Joshua continue to learn and step into a future career through this course. He has a bright future ahead of him!


If you would like to be kept updated of his progress in more detail, or would like to be a part of sponsoring his university education, we would welcome your support. (The total cost for his four years of study will be approximately £3000.) If you would like to know more information about this email us on info@thekcp.org


Thank you to all our KCP supporters, you are touching the lives of children like Joshua and giving them reason to hope and dream again.

Samuel Nudds