Transformation Story – Emmanuel


Transformation Story – Emmanuel

We first met Emmanuel back in 2013 when he was 11 years old, he was in critical condition in hospital and his bed was a sheet on the hospital floor. He was unable to walk due to chronic muscle wastage and suffering from server jigger, blood poisoning, cellulitis, osteomalitus and was also severely malnourished. The doctors said that he wasn’t going to survive.


Emmanuel was living in extreme poverty and was one of 10 siblings. Sadly due to malnutrition and various other sicknesses related to their living conditions all 9 of his other siblings passed away, leaving Emmanuel as the only surviving child.

We were able to take Emmanuel into our Urgent Care centre from his very vulnerable situation and get him good medical care to begin his journey back to full health. Emmanuel moved into our Urgent Care Centre where he was able to get the care that he needed and within a couple week of getting physio he was walking again. 

8 months later he was unrecognisable as the malnourished child in critical condition we had initially found. His health was restored and running around playing with his new brothers and sisters at the KCP rescue centre.


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Emmanuel is now 15 and doing amazing! He is completely transformed from when we found him back in 2013. He is such a happy child and now runs around playing football with the rest of the children at the KCP Urgent Care Centre, who he has made good friends with. He is getting all the care that he needs, including extra educational support at school as he has some individual learning needs.

Emmanuel is just one of the many beautiful children that we have had the privilege to be able to rescue and love back to life. It is for transformations like Emmanuel's that we do what we do and we thank all of you who partner with us to make it possible!

Samuel Nudds