We Have Purchased New Land


We are overwhelmed with joy to announce that we now own 15 acres of land in Kabras, Kenya! After many months of looking we have finally found land that we love and is perfect for our big vision.

With 15 acres the potential to transform countless lives is huge! We will be bringing hope to an entire area, transforming families and impacting the future for many children. 

Plans are already under way to start building. We are excited to begin landscaping and building. Accommodation for vulnerable children is our priority, so these buildings are being designed first. We want to maximise our land and build with future expansion in mind. We are dreaming big.  

The new piece of land couldn't be in a better location. It is a 20 minute drive from our current children's home in Kakamega town. The land has a lovely rural feel, surrounded by trees and space to play. The children in our home will also be able to remain in their current schools, until our vision to build a school on this new land is complete. 

Our goal is to begin self-sustainable farming as soon as possible. We are looking forward to teaching the vulnerable how to farm nutritious crops, a skill that will bless them for years to come. The KCP can now enter a season where the potential to create income through farming crops and animals is possible. Our food costs will also dramatically decrease once we are able to grow crops to sustain the children we rescue. We are so excited. Our dream to establish a community that not only rescues but also sustains and empowers children to live and prosper can now become a reality!

Please celebrate with us. This new land is the beginning of extreme expansion and the rescue of many children! Thank you for being part of this life transforming journey with The KCP.

Samuel Nudds