Shoes shoes shoes


All of us in the UK have something in common.. we all wear shoes! Whether big or small, smart or comfy, we can't seem to have enough pairs! In Kenya it is a different story. Shoes are a luxury that many cannot afford. Children run around playing barefoot in the dust and as a result countless people are suffering with Tungiasis. 

Tungiasis is a painful disease caused by a flea living in the dust. Left untreated it can cause immobility, loss of limbs and death due to secondary infections. Being barefoot in the dust puts children at risk of contracting this disease. At The Kenyan Children's Project we are fighting to save feet; we are treating Tungiasis and putting shoes on the feet of the needy. 

A KCP supporter, Tania Dunkerton, caught the passion to provide shoes for those infected with Tungiasis, a simple yet powerful act of kindness. Tania inspired friends and local schools in Hertfordshire to collect socks and shoes. We have been amazed by the number of people who have supported this cause. One young girl, named Millicent Merifield, was so motivated to make a difference that she organised a collection of 177 shoes at her Primary school! Because of her efforts there are now children in Western Kenya wearing shoes that came all the way from cloakrooms in Chorleywood, England. Wherever you are, you can truly make a difference. 

In March 2015 we gathered all the shoes that had been collected, over 1000 pairs in total. 25 suitcases were packed with shoes and flown to Nairobi, Kenya. From there, the 25 suitcases were checked onto a coach and driven for 9 hours from Nairobi to Kakamega. These shoes are currently being given out during our Tungiasis treatment programs. The moment when a child receives a pair of shoes for the first time in their life is a precious. Thank you to all those who made this possible and donated shoes. 


Samuel Nudds