Restoring Families


The restoration of family is always our goal. Children are more likely to become vulnerable in cases of family breakdown, whether that is through being orphaned, abandoned, or due to poverty. At The KCP, we seek to prevent separation and bring families support. 

The children we bring into our care are rescued because it is unsafe for them to remain where they are. Once they are in our care, where possible, the aim is always to repatriate them back into their wider family and rural communities. Our social care team work hard to bring the best solution for each child. For some, this means that in the future they will be able to return home. We have been able to repatriate children that thought they could never return home. What an amazing success! 

A story of restoration: 

We first met these three boys in January 2007. Neglected and abused they lived a life full of fear. But this is no longer their story. Everything changed the day their journey began here at The Kenyan Children's Project. The three boys were rescued and brought into safety, where they could be children once more.


At this time their sister Naomi could not be found, she had been sold to a man for just £6. We longed to see Naomi reunited with her brothers. In 2011 a miracle happened. Naomi escaped the household where she had been sold and returned to Kakamega. As soon as possible we brought this girl into our care and began to see her heart and peace restored. We accommodated these children for seven and a half years, during this time they received an education and had their joy restored. 

The children have now grown, Daniel (the eldest) is about to qualify as an electrician and earn money of his own. The family circumstances have also changed, Daniel and his siblings are no longer at risk living at home, the broken relationship has been restored. Poverty remained as a barrier to returning these children home but thanks to the generosity and assistance for our supporters and sponsors, we have been able to assist this family with building an extension onto their rural family home. Daniel and his siblings have now been repatriated home where they are reunited with their mother. The KCP continues to support the eductaion and training of these young adults and soon they will be able to care for themselves.  We are so proud of them. 

This whole family has been restored. The mother's words were, 'You have picked my family out of the dirt and put me on top.' At The Kenyan Children's Project, we want to see more families like this one transformed.

For reasons of child protection no real names of children will be used on this website.

Samuel Nudds