Rescuing precious children from the slums


Life was a picture of fear and hopelessness for these four children living in the slums. They had been neglected and their home was unsafe. Their mother was selling alcohol and substances from the home. Their home consisted of one small room where the children witnessed everything going on, things a child should never see. The floor was built up of rubble in places and  infested with jiggers. It was an unsafe environment particularly for the toddler forced to crawl on the ground. The constant flow of 'punters' caused many problems for these vulnerable children. Sadly their mother refused help as she does not want to change her toxic lifestyle. 


The children were sleeping on a sheet of cardboard with nothing but an old blanket to keep them warm. Their story does not end here because The KCP rescued three of the children immediately, bringing them from their home in the slums into our children's home for a life of hope and love.


The fourth child, baby Annie, was still being breastfed by her mother and was therefore consuming high levels of alcohol and toxins into her system. Withdrawing Annie from the breast milk was a process that had to happen slowly and carefully. In December 2013 this weaning process was complete and finally Annie was also brought in to our care.


In just a few weeks Annie was transformed! When we met her she was emotionless, malnourished and extremely withdrawn, but now she is such a little character, full of joy, gaining weight and an absolute cutie! Annie started toddling around in no time at all, she has no side effects from the substance abuse, her life is a miracle.

Words cannot describe the excitement, relief and thankfulness that we feel knowing that all four children no longer live in desperate circumstances in the slums. They are now flourishing at school and are enjoying learning how to be children once more. Their lives have been saved.

For the purpose of child protection no real names have been used on this website. 

Samuel Nudds