Love that Saves


In April 2014, we met a beautiful family that instantly found a place in our hearts. Five children, all in desperate need. We first found that Oscar (age 5) and Joel (age 8) had been sleeping under a lorry nearby our Koinonia compound. During the daytime, Oscar and Joel would search for scraps of metal to sell so that they could buy a little food for the family. They were young children that were desperately struggling to survive and provide for the rest of their siblings. The boys were timid and afraid, unsure of their future. It's incredible how many children we meet have no concept that they have a future at all. They have never been able to dream. 


At The KCP we carried out the necessary investigations and found that the boys had three other siblings who were also in great need. Abandoned by their father, their mother was unable to sustain the family. The five children would often go for days without food.

These children have now been rescued and they are all are part of the KCP family! They have three meals a day and sleep on a bed. They are now all attending school which is a dream come true for these children. They are so thankful to have the chance to receive an education, which releases a greater chance of a better future. Hope found this family and now their future will never be the same. 

For reasons of child protection no real names of children will be used on this website.

Samuel Nudds