Lifted from the dust and placed in a home


We are so excited to share with you this news of our latest addition to the KCP family. Eva is about two years old and joined us in November. She is a bundle of joy and giggles!

She was found abandoned at a petrol station not far from our children's home. A passer-by saw her sitting in the dust, picked her up and asked around the area to try to find out where her mother had gone. No one nearby knew anything about her or where she had come from. She was dirty, emotionless and dressed in old rags. Eva could barely speak, she simply whispered her name. This is the only information we know about her life to this point. 

Eventually the lady who found her took her to the local police station, but they would not help and told the lady to take her home herself. Miraculously she did, even though she is a young mother and already had her own family to take care of. A week later, she brought little Eva to us at The Kenyan Children's Project. As so often happens, we have no idea how she found us, but we are so glad she did!

We have been amazed at how Eva has settled in and grown. She is no longer the withdrawn, emotionless little girl who was found sitting in the dirt. She has become part of the family, is learning to play and has found her smile again. Another one of our little girls has taken her under her wing and the two are a sweet and inseparable duo. Eva has become a bundle of joy. 

We are in the process of making enquiries to try to find her family if at all possible, a process which can take a long time. In the meantime it is a delight to see her giggle and be a child again.

Thank you so much for your support and for helping us save little ones like Eva. Joy and hope are being restored, lives are being changed and we are making a difference to beautiful children.

We are so thankful to have you on this journey with us.


Samuel Nudds