Four street boys who found hope


At The KCP we long to see an end to children living on the streets. Every child deserves to have a family, a home and a hope.

In April 2013 we sent word out to the streets, offering a safe place for street children to come and receive a hot meal. Then we waited.

The street boys began to come out from their hiding places for the hot nutritious meal that they so desperately needed. Over 100 street boys came. It was here that we met four boys that stood out from the rest. They were small and scared. All were high on glue, wearing torn and dirty clothes. These boys were desperate but unlike most others they showed a real, manifest desire to change. At this stage we took a risk for love and invited these four street boys to come to our children's home the next day for breakfast. The four boys continued to come daily where they received love and counselling. The best of friends, they supported each other through the journey of rehabilitation that lead to their freedom. Stopping their addictions was the hardest part of the journey. 

It was an amazing process of building trust that enabled these boys to be loved back to life. They are no longer addicted to glue and they continue to show strength and make good choices. Despite their horrific past they are full of life, joy and excitement about their futures. They are unrecognisable from the boys we met. They are no longer street boys. They belong.

Samuel Nudds