Faith's Story


Little Faith came to one of our Tungiasis treatment programmes, even amongst the 93 children that were being treated Faith stood out. She was badly affected by Tungiasis. Faith did not speak a word during treatment, she was timid and scared, nothing like the Faith we now know. By the state of her school uniform and her demeanor we knew Tungiasis was not the only problem Faith was facing.

With assistance from the school we began social enquiries into Faith’s home situation. Faith and her little brother needed rescuing. They had been abandoned by both parents and were staying with their grandmother. They were living in very poor conditions in a mud hut with a leaking roof, sleeping on empty maize sacks and using rags as a blanket. Food was scarce and unable to afford soap to wash their clothes or themselves, Tungiasis continued to spread within the home and they were all infected. We provided Tungiasis treatment for the children and their grandma, freeing this family from constant pain. 

We were able to rescue Faith and her little brother bringing them into our residential home where they are now part of the family. They are able to run and play and they are unrecognisable from the emotionless children we first met. Joy has been restored. 

At The Kenyan Children’s Project we do our best to ensure the children rescued are supported through every desperate circumstance. We have seen countless lives saved and we know we will see many more.

Child rescue makes this possible.


For reasons of child protection no real names of children will be used on this website. 

Samuel Nudds