Equipping The people Of Shivakala To Prosper


The Kenyan Children's Project recently partnered with 'Organics 4 Orphans' to bring an agricultural course to the rural community of Shivakala. Many people in this community own inherited land but until now, they have received no education on how to grow nutritious crops. We have visited many homes in Shivakala where their land has remained barren and the families were hungry. This is unnecessary and we desperately wanted to see a change. 

The KCP team collected the two young trainers and took them to the village of Shivakala, they told them they were going to change the world! After a week of classroom teaching and practical work on 8 principles of farming and natural medicine, 33 people received certificates of training.

We realised that these people would have had no opportunity for education since primary school, if they had even attended primary school. It was humbling to see how grateful they were to gain new knowledge. The trainers were so enthusiastic, it was obvious they really believed in what they were teaching, and yes, they really could change the world, one community at a time!

33 people in Shivakala have now been empowered to resource themselves. The future of their families looks brighter. They have been taught invaluable skills of farming and as a result we know that this community is going to prosper. 

Most people in Kenya have family land, and with just 1/4 acre farmed in this way you can feed a family of four all year round! 

We already have some other villages near by requesting this training course and so we are very excited to see the impact that this training and empowerment will have.


Samuel Nudds