Community Transformation -Shivakala


In mid-2014 a team of 35 volunteers made the journey to Kenya, a place where there is great need and poverty but a land that remains filled with joy and hope. Each day was packed with activities, our aim to help the poor and vulnerable wherever possible. One place that touched our hearts is Shivakala, a rural, disconnected village that had been forgotten. The local primary school had not received any help or support since it was opened in 1925. 

For 3 days we transformed Shivakala with medical care, Tungiasis treatment (see GFAFC page), feeding programmes and school renovations. The Kenyan Children’s Project fitted a tap so that for the first time the school had running water (#). A kitchen was built from which hundreds of children will be fed many meals (*). The dusty classroom floors were concreted to prevent feet diseases and team worked hard decorating a classroom and library; painting murals, putting up shelves and windows. The school in Shivakala is literally unrecognisable! The number of pupils had since increased as people no longer see this as a failing school. The KCP has impacted the lives of countless children in this community, they are being empowered to succeed.  


(#) Running water is a luxury in many parts of rural kenya. A tap at the school prevents the need for walking to far off streams to collect often dirty water. Time is saved, and disease is reduced, by a simple pipe work and tap. 

(*) The significance of the kitchen is that it means students can remain in the school instead of walking anywhere up to 5 miles to go home for a substandard meal. The new kitchen means more time learning and less time walking! 

Samuel Nudds