Spring Update



We have had so many exciting developments in the last few weeks and we wanted to let you know some of what’s been going on. 


We are celebrating that last week three young boys who were living on the street returned home. Our social workers have been working with them for some time now, building relationship, carrying out social enquires to locate family members, as well as counselling the boys. Our social workers carry out family investigations and therapy to make sure that the home environment is safe and healthy for the child to return to.


The three boys made the decision themselves that they want to return home. This is a huge decision for a child to make, as once a child is on the street they usually quickly get caught up in gang culture, drugs and abuse, it is then normally very hard for them to leave. In many cases children run away from home due to believing they would find a better life in the town, and they end up living on the streets. There are other reasons children end up on the streets, such as an abusive home environment or smaller children getting lost in town and ending up living on the streets as a result. From our investigations and counselling, we have determined that for these three boys, returning home would be the best thing for them. We believe that the best place for a child to be is with their family, when this is a safe, loving environment and where ever possible we fight to see families reunited. We are so excited that it was possible to see these families reunited. Below are two of the boys who returned home.




We have also recently had the great opportunity open up of working with children who are sadly being raised inside prisons. In Kenya, if a woman who has a child under the age of 4 commits a crime, leading to her being placed in prison, the child is placed in prison with her. We have been asked to start working with these children, who have experienced nothing but life behind bars. Brian is one of the newest member at our child rescue centre and is now four and a half years old. He has lived his entire life in prison with his mother who is serving a life sentence. He has experienced and seen things beyond his years. Despite all he has gone through he is a very happy boy with a great smile who loves playing football with the other boys. We are excited to be able to start rescuing more children who are living in prison and see more little children like Brian brought into safe, loving environments where they can be free. Below is a picture of Brian.



We want to thank all of you who partner with and follow us on this journey to see children freed from desperate situations.

Samuel Nudds