Mwanzi's Story - a Kenyan "Life Changer"


Incredible impact is being made through The KCP and it is hugely thanks to the 35 Kenyan staff members that we have on the ground, who daily affect the lives of vulnerable children with positive change. We’d like to introduce you to Mwanzi, one of our Kenyan staff members. He has been with us since the beginning of 2014 and is one of our “Life Changers” (Kenyan trained Social Workers). We are so blessed to have professional and skilled staff like Mwanzi with us in Kenya.   


Each of our staff have their own story about why they do what they do. We wanted to share with you Mwanzi’s amazing story:


When I was young my life wasn’t easy, I lived in poverty and I used to have to beg for money to be able to survive. It was in this situation that I decided I wanted to become a social worker and help others that were in similar circumstances to myself, to get them through the hardship and suffering I had experienced. It was my desire to help people bridge the gap between their desperate situations and the opportunities that would otherwise be available to them. 


I am so pleased to say that I was able to complete my training and become a qualified social worker and have now been working for the KCP for four years. I am KCP’s “Community Development” and “Widows of Worth” Social Worker. 


I find my job very rewarding and get joy from seeing those who were in a desperate situation having their hope restored and lives changed for the better. When I hear the people we work with telling their stories of how they were hopeless and then being able to see them after having their lives transformed, I know I belong to the right profession.


I love that the work we do makes such a huge difference. I remember when I joined the Widows of Worth program, we were working with 100 widows, since then the program has grown and we are now working alongside 1200 widows. With approximately 600 of them in “Self Help Groups”. They are now doing table banking on a large scale which has, and continues to result in so many success stories. We continue to teach and empower these women and the results we see are astonishing, these “Self Help Groups” are now actively helping others in need in their communities. It is amazing to be part of this transformation.

Samuel Nudds