We've started building Imani!



EXCITING NEWS…  our building plans for Imani have been approved, we have the go ahead to build! This has been a lengthy process that has required a lot of work and so we are celebrating how far we have come and all we have learnt along the way. 


We are overjoyed to announce that the building of the new child rescue centre has begun. This is the first phase of our big plans for Imani, where our land stretches for 21 acres. The Child Rescue Centre will consist of 6 home units so we can protect and maintain the value of family. There will be a large kitchen and dining hall, as well as social care team and management offices. This children’s home will be a safe and healthy environment where we can provide care for the most desperate and vulnerable children throughout the region. Once in our care, we seek to find long term solutions for each child, with an aim of successful reintegration. Our goal is to see these children be part of loving Kenyan families in their home communities. Our social care team work hard to ensure the children are empowered for a great future.




We have already successfully built a community building, the Kibanda. This open structure is amazing and has allowed us to host training days, events, ministry and celebrations for the children. With further building plans now going ahead we are very excited that the dreams we have had for Imani are starting to become a reality! 




We are aiming to be as self sustainable as possible, our plan is to do this through farming the land to provide food and income. We also have our own borehole, which allows us an endless supply of free, clean water to all of Imani The borehole is run by solar power so we are able to do this without having to pay for any electricity. Our aim is to power all of Imani by using solar, this meaning we would not have to pay for or rely on the main electricity grid, which we experience regular power cuts on. We have even been making our own bricks from the soil on our land, these bricks will be used to construct the buildings in Imani.




We are so thankful for everyone who has donated to make this dream possible. With your support we have managed to raise an amazing amount of money towards building this life transforming place! There is however still a lot of money we still need to raise to see all the buildings paid for. If you would be interested in financially partnering with us to see Imani’s completion, please get in contact with us at info@thekcp.org

Samuel Nudds