Imani Update September 2018



We wanted to share the phenomenal progress that is being made with the building of Imani with you. Seeing the walls starting to go up has been really exciting as it brings us one step closer to opening this new building which will facilitate us to impact so many more lives! 


Below you can see the building progress of our new Urgent Care Centre. This centre will consist of 6 homes where children from the most vulnerable and desperate living situations will be brought into and cared for in. During their time with us these precious children will be receiving an education, vital trauma recovery therapy, and will be loved back to life by our amazing team. 




We believe that the best place for a child to be is with their family, when this is a safe and loving environment. However, when this sadly isn’t the case due to death, extreme abuse or neglect, we receive these children into our Urgent Care Centre with open arms. 


This Urgent Care Centre will be temporary accommodation, as our goal is for every child brought to us to end up in a family home where they can grow into healed up successful adults free from the trauma of their pasts.


Thank you to everyone who partners, supports and simply follows us on this journey, we could not do this without you. If you would like to get in contact, or are interesting in getting involved or supporting us, please email us at info@thekcp.orgor visit our website at


Samuel Nudds