Building A House And Transforming Lives



This is the story of the Sinyende family and how we are working to save them from their desperate reality so that they can have a hope filled future.


The Sinyende’s are a family of six who live in a house that consists of only one room in which they cook, live and sleep. The small living space is extremely cramped and the four children aged three, six, eight and eleven share a single bed with their parents. The house itself is in an awful condition and what remains of the roof is caving in and leaking. The single room is also infested with Tungiasis, a type of flea that buries into the skin, lays it’s eggs and causes infection and intense pain. It is an extremely debilitating condition and can lead to amputation and in extreme cases, death. Three of the four children are currently suffering from Tungiasis. The family have a latrine toilet, which is separate from their house but unfortunately this is also in a very bad condition and very unsafe.


The Sinyende’s live in extreme poverty and the children have not been able to attend school due to lack of finances to pay for their school fees. The children are malnourished, as the family cannot afford to buy enough food to meet their needs. Malnourishment can be extremely dangerous and detrimental to the development of a child and so their situation is very serious.


We came across the Sinyende family through The KCP Street Team who work with boys living on the streets of Kakamega town in Western Kenya. The two youngest boys, who are six and three years old ran away from home to live on the streets as there was no food at home. This is where The KCP street social workers found them and from this contact they carried out social enquiries to locate and then investigate the family. Despite the fact that the parents were very much loving and caring for their children as best as they could, it wasn’t enough. Due to this we have been doing all we can to see this precious family reunited and free from poverty. The two boys are now back at home living with their parents who we are supporting with a plan to see them break free from poverty.


We are currently treating the children for Tungiasis, so they can be free from this debilitating and painful condition. We really want to see this family healthy, prosperous and thriving, so we’d love your help to build the Sinyende’s a new home! This will provide a safe and healthy environment to raise their family. This will make a huge impact to their current standard of life, however we will continue to work with this family to see their health restored and them freed from poverty.




Building the Sinyende family a new home and toilet is going to cost £1200. Thanks to our generous supporters we have already raised £250 towards this, leaving another £950 outstanding to be raised. This will completely transform the lives of this family. If you would like to financially partner with us to build the Sinyende’s a house, please email us at or you can donate through our website and reference “Sinyende’s House Build” in the comments section.


We want to thank everyone who supports and follows us on this journey of transforming the lives of children and families in Kenya. We couldn’t do this without you!

Samuel Nudds