Rescue, Restore, Reintegrate


Children living in SAFETY within a FAMILY is our goal. In order to achieve this we have the following programme; Rescue, Rebuild, Reintegrate. This is a hot topic right now, so let me share with you the very heart behind why we exist and exactly what we are achieving at The Kenyan Children' Project...



You may ask, if family is best why do you intervene and 'rescue'?

The children who we assist through our Rescue programme are categorised as severe risk cases.  If a child is brought into our Rescue Centre it is because they require urgent INTERVENTION to keep them safe; this may be from repeated abuse, risk of death and escape from high level repetitive trauma. 



When a child is brought into our care, immediately an individual care plan is created that is specific to their situation. Our KCP Social Workers, Counsellors and House Parents then begin the tasks of equipping the child to process and heal from the trauma they have experienced, and at the same time extensive plans towards reintegration are made. We only house children in our Rescue Centre for the shortest length of time necessary and that is suitable for their individual circumstances! Seeing children restored back into a family is a precious moment and a big victory for us.  


We do have cases at The KCP where children will never be able to return to their original family home, due to the level of abuse or instability within the home. For these children we pursue alternative long term care solutions such as; adoption into a Kenyan family, or the pursuit of wider family members who can help. 


We are constantly working alongside the local Children's Departments and with the Police, to ensure the safety and best interest of each individual child is being represented. A significant percentage of children who are currently under our care, are part of legal investigations and court cases. We are committed to ensuring that these children are kept safe whilst advocating for their justice, for any wrongs committed against them. We are unable to publicise information or photos on these children as this could put them at risk; however we are thankful for The KCP supporters who give financially to support each of the vulnerable children we work alongside. These funds help us with sustaining such cases that are not made public. 



Reintegration is a VITAL part of what we do at The Kenyan Children's Project. Reintegration is the action or process of integrating someone back to society. For us, this looks like children being part of a safe family where they are loved and can contribute to society. To achieve this, holistic care for the child and their family is required. We invest much time and resources into families and communities to make reintegration possible, such as; family therapy, self-sustainability initiatives, training, education and house build projects.


To date, we have reintegrated a total of 61 children from our Rescue Centre to safe family homes where they are now thriving! In addition to this, we are proud to say that we have reintegrated 27 children from living on the streets of Kakamega back to family homes. These 88 children primarily needed urgent care. Through the transformational support provided by The KCP, these families have come from circumstances of utter desperation, to now, living in a family where they are valued and loved. For us this is true success.


Our UK team promoting Rescue, Rebuild & Reintegrate..

Samuel Nudds