A Voice for Reintegration


Today our team accomplished great things. Kelly Strong, Senior Leader, and Jackline Kwamboka, Social Worker; were invited to speak at a conference run by the 'Association of Charitable Children Institutions of Kenya '(ACCIK), where they delivered a presentation on Reintegration; its importance and intricate process.  

70-90 Charitable Children Institution's (CCI’s) were represented at the conference, from a variety of places across Kenya. Kelly and Jackline had the privilege and honour of speaking out about reintegration. A reintegration strategy is key for providing vulnerable children, who have been rescued from vulnerability, the beneficial and life changing assistance that results in family based care. Whilst many NGO's share our passion and implentation of reintegration, the concept is still fairly new for many other NGO's. Not only did Kelly and Jackie share about why reintegration is needed, but they also shared tools on how Charitable Children Institution's can adopt our reintegration process and procedures. 


 We were one of two CCI's chosen by ACCIK** to present to over 50 Kenyan CCI’s. Speaking at two sessions over two days, it has been an amazing opportunity for us to share, aid, inspire and connect with other organisations.

Our goal is to empower like-minded organisations with tools and understanding on the complexities of reintegration so that TOGETHER we can truly change the lives of children, who otherwise would live without the love of a family. Today was a ground breaking opportunity. If all CCI’s adopted reintegration as part of their programmes the lives of thousands of children would be greatly impacted. Thank you ACCIK for organising such an event and inviting us to speak.


Following the reputation The KCP has built regarding our holistic care, community transformation work, and pro family based care; ACCIK have chosen The KCP (known locally as Children’s Transformation Project – Kenya*) for further research. This research will assist ACCIK to fully understand our reintegration programme and how it works; our investigation and social assessment processes, follow ups, community work and family strengthening techniques. We have been told that this research will contribute towards setting the standards for reintegration, as well as potentially being able to be involved in policy and guideline setting for Kenyan Charitable Children Institution’s. This is an enormous privilege and a great opportunity.  


We have learnt many things on this journey, since our launch and registration in 2005. As we have grown and devloped so have our processes and social care procedures. We are constantly improving, largely due to the hard work and skill of our team on the ground in Kenya. We are confident in the programme we have adopted; Rescue, Restore, Reintegrate. This programme, or similar, is widely recognised and used by many NGO’s doing great work to positively impact the lives of those facing vulnerability. If you work for an NGO in Kenya and would like to connect with us, please contact us.

*You may know us as The Kenyan Children’s Project (KCP) but we are registered in Kenya as a NGO (Non Governmental Organisation), under the name ‘Children’s Transformation Project- Kenya’. The work carried out in Kenya is done under this NGO. KCP and Children’s Transformation Project- Kenya are one and the same organisation, registered appropriately in both the UK and Kenya.


**What is 'Association of Charitable Children Institutions of Kenya' (ACCIK)? 

"Their vision is for all CCIs in Kenya to provide quality child-friendly services in the best interest of the child. 

Their Mission is to provide capacity building, networking, partnership and right based approach programming for all CCIs in Kenya."

Sarah Nudds