Child Sponsorship

Change a child's future - be part of their journey! If you become a child sponsor, you will receive regular updates on the child's progress and hand-written letters from the child sent directly to you.* You can write back, send photos and see the transformation as you invest into a child's future.


Children receiving sponsorship will generally be brought into our Urgent Care Centre in the short-term to ensure their safety. As each child’s circumstances are unique, we work with social workers, government officials and the child’s family (if known) to determine the needs of each child. Notably support goes not only their immediate needs such as food, housing, clothing and medical costs, but also may help support education costs,** trauma therapy, family counselling, and more - all of which will allow the child to eventually be reintegrated back home. 

In the process we we also work with families to empower them to help provide for their children in the long-term, which means moving them away from dependency on sponsorship. When a child is successfully reintegrated, we communicate with you that they no longer need a regular donation…but others will! 

Help us empower children to succeed through sponsoring a child today. 


Become a Sponsor

Minimum £25
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Once you submit these details you will hear directly from the KCP team.  Based on the information you submit, we will pair you with your sponsored child and help you set up your sponsorship payments.