Our Mission

We partner with families and communities to see the lives of vulnerable children transformed.



To see all children thriving in a safe and loving family.


What we’ve achieved



vulnerable children rescued, rehabilitated and reintegrated into safe and loving families.



new homes built for families who otherwise would be unsafe, living in desperate poverty, since our inception in 2005



feet that we have treated for Tungiasis since 2016, enabling children to walk again.

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Our Process



Whilst many children are in need of support, our team focuses on the most severe cases; that is, on children who require rapid response intervention in order to keep them safe. We categorise severe cases as those who are at risk of death or continued harm due to neglect, repeated abuse, and/or high level repetitive trauma. In such cases, children are rescued and housed temporarily in our Urgent Rescue Centre, where a care plan is created for their rehabilitation and reintegration. Every rescue is carried out in partnership with the Governmental Children’s Department.



In order to heal their past and change their future, it is vital to guide a child through a process of rehabilitation and trauma recovery o see successful long term change we work alongside three parties: The child, their family, and the wider community. We provide assistance through trauma recovery programmes, family tracing, counselling, family therapy, education, life skills training, health care, self-sustainability initiatives and poverty eliminating schemes - all with a primary goal to restore the child and reunify families.



Family reunification is our primary goal for every child because we believe all children belong in a loving family. However, many need help finding family and remaining home.   Indeed, every child’s circumstance is unique and sometimes an alternative family care solution is required, such as Kenyan adoption, or guardianship through wider family connections. We commit to finding every child a safe, loving, and permanent family home, and once children are reintegrated, our guidance continues through our extensive follow up program-ensuring a long-term successful reintegration.


Our current Urgent Rescue Centre is limited by space and so the need for Imani is urgent, if we are to be a lifeline for the many children in great need. Imani will be the source of community transformation, bringing dramatic change on a large scale.


Children and Community

To transform the life of a child you must also work in partnership with their family and community. When both families and communities work together, true transformation becomes a reality.


Vulnerable Children


Community Transformation

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