Making a stand for family empowerment 


The Lift Community is a group of monthly givers who have a passion to empower and lift vulnerable children, families and wider communities to place of strength. By donating, whatever you are able, YOU can join the Lift Community and be part of the change!


△ LIFT givers provide…

  • Life saving Rescue for vulnerable children.

  • Transformative Rehabilitation care and therapy

  • Healing for broken families through Reintegration (including family tracing, family therapy, and follow-ups). 

  • Administration to enable the running of these programmes

▽ In return, you, our LIFT Community will:

  1. Be a part of a lifting others up out of poverty, abuse & trauma!

  2. Receive a LIFT LETTER*- a monthly email update in which we share how your donations have LIFTED others. 

*If you prefer not to receive updates, you can opt out of the monthly letter but still be part of our Lift Community.


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